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Title: Tigers Aren't Gentlemen
Author(s): [personal profile] binz & [personal profile] sidhebeingbrand
Rating: Teen
Fandom: The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher and The Jeeves Novels - PG Wodehouse
Pairing(s) & Characters: Main pairings: Bertie Wooster/Reginal Jeeves, with UST Harry Dresden/John Marcone. More past and side pairings than even canon can throw at you. Characters include: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, John Marcone, Bertie Windsor, Reginald Jeeves, Elaine Mallory, Meryl, Aurora, Fix, Lily, Mab, Titania, The Erlking, The Winter King, Bob the Skull, Hendricks, The Leanansidhe, Thor, The Gruffs, Eldest Gruff, Donald Morgan, McAnally, Lloyd Slate, Ace, and Karrin Murphy... or at least their 20s counterparts.
Word Count: 45 000
Summary: Bertie Wooster's in the supernatural soup! After a swinging party in New York leaves him accidentally affianced to an elven heiress with more than the usual amount of matrimonial influence to throw around, where's a young gent to turn? Why, to old acquaintance Harold 'Mimsy' Dresden, part time investigator, part time stage magician, full time wizard. Together they'll have to scuttle Bertie's engagement and solve the mystery of a missing sword that could completely upend the New York social scene. In their corner they have their manservants--the inimitable Jeeves and the Machiavellian Johnson--as well as a tiny bouncer, a massive bookseller, and a shady informant who likes his payment in dirty novels. Arrayed against them are Mimsy's parole officer and Bertie's fellow suitors. Oh, and the entire might of the Old Families, those inscrutable Unseelie socialites who can't touch iron and won't ever let you out of a debt... or an engagement.
Notes: Big thanks to everyone for their beta work and comments, and to [ profile] kaddywhak for providing the art. (Which you should totally go check out!)

Tigers Aren't Gentlemen at A03

Art by [ profile] kaddywhak


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